2002 Santa Rosa Cycling Clubs Northern Peaks Bike Tour

Carson Pass Summit

Day 1 - McCarther Loop

Donna, Dave and Dave at regroup point
The first major sight seeing stop on the trip was Burney Falls.

Day 2 - McCarther to Lassen NP

Lava Tube

Part of the fun of a bike tour is stopping along the way to see some of the sights. The area surrounding Mt Lassen and the National Park has a number of Volcanic features. One State park had a short hike that went through a lava tube left over from an ancient erruption. We had arranged to have small flashlights to go through the tube which was pitch black. The nice thing was that it was much cooler than it was above ground.

Day 3 - Lassen NP to Lake Almanor

Small Lake on Lassen Park Road.

Day 4 - Lake Almanor to Portola

Regroup and reststop in downtown Taylorsville.

Day 5 - Portola to Truckee

Decent from Gold Lakes to the North Fork Yuba.

Day 6 - Truckee to Tahoe

Dave and John along the Truckee River.
Rehashing the days ride.
Camp Richardson Dinner Crew.

Day 7 - Tahoe to Folsum

Group at lookout at Carson Pass Summit.
Group Shot at lookout at Carson Pass Summit.

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